How to Earn Gems Gold Carats in Angel Stone iPhone

Few days ago, Angel Stone was still in the development of Fincon
But, now this new action RPG has been available to play both on the apple store and google play

angel stone guides ios android

This game will bring you to play as a swordfighter, a dark mage or a gunslinger
Then, you will be brought to the middle of a war between Grigori and the Legions

Along the game, all you will do is to explore area and quest through various war-torn areas, liberating them from the numerous demons, ghouls and other Halloween-esque monsters in that area.

Early on the game, if you want to kill multiple enemies at a time, do not pick the gunslinger.
And, if you want to hit and run, do not pick the swordfighter, as they have a close range attack.

So, as initial step, you can try to play with the dark mage, since they come along with a medium-long range scythe as their main weapon
With that weapon, you hit multiple enemies at ease.

Later on, you will deal with a tougher battle, which is a boss.
When dealing with the boss, all you will do is to hit and run with your angel stone attacks
Sometimes, you will need to recharge your mana, that will get you to get away for a bit
After recharging your mana, you can then run back in and start using your angel stones again.

When making manual movements to dodge boss attacks, just tap early to account for the delay in response from the game, in which it also takes a half second or so for your character to actually do anything.
Always make sure to keep your distance, and attack mainly with angel stones if you have to.

On the other side, this game will get you to collect and use various spells during the game.
You can get those spells in chests or you can collect them form the battle with enemies.

With these spells, you can easily beat all of the tough bosses
Anyway, if you use the gunslinger, you can easily polish off multiple enemies at a time

For further, you will be tasked to level up your character with experience points that you get form various battles

In line with this, you can use and abuse the blitz option to get more experience and items fast and easy

Also, you can get some different new equipment by changing the paths every time that you play
You can do this until your equipment slots are completely filled up
Then, start breaking down unwanted equipment for iron ore that you can do at the blacksmith’s shop.
Once getting iron ore, you can use it to power up the stronger, rarer and better equipment.

As usual, this game will come along with the currencies in form of gold, gems and carats
You can easily get gold from your journey when battling with enemies
Plus, you can be rewarded with gems once you have completed each mission successfully

Carats seems to be premium currency of this game that will be hard to get except purchasing them through iaps
In addition, taking part in event may be a good chance to get this premium currency


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