How to Earn Gems and Legendary Heroes in Marble Heroes Android

IGG has brought Marble Heroes to mobile platforms android and ios soon
This game will invite you to take part in bigger and better battles, where you will be able to play your warriors that is fit to your style then collect gold and gems, the main currencies of this game

marble heroes walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide your way to ultimate victory and have a journey in a vast mythical world along with challenging quests that you have to complete for rewards

In line with this, this game is a painstakingly developed drag-and-release combat system, where you will simply need a single swipe of the finger to overcome entire mobs of evil enemies

At the beginning of the game, you will be served with more than a hundred unique Marbles
For further, you will level up and evolve your favorite Marbles to make your elites army so that your units will be the mighty warriors
Also, you can bounce off allied marbles to unleash powerful Friend Skills

Later on, you will be able to team up with people so that you can overcome the peril of deadly dungeons along the way

Once making some progresses through the game, you can use your magic to summon legendary Heroes and mighty Monsters in that they will fight for you while you topple armies of fearsome foes

This game also offers you some valuable items and rewards where you will get to play in Intense Multiplayer Action
Here, you can join forces and ally with your friends to collect better item drops and more Gold

To deliver your hidden power, you can try to develop a unique tactics galore then maneuver your marbles into just the right spot to beat waves of minions and massive Bosses standing in your path

When dealing bosses in this game, you can activate each Marble’s unique skills to turn the tides of battle
In the meant time, you can set off massive explosions, fire powerful laser beams, bombard enemies that you can do with fleets of guided missiles, and some advanced weapons

In the battle, all you will do is to pull your monster back and release to attack enemies
You can also use Buddy Skills when your monster touches an ally
To beat enemies at once, you can try to aim at the boss’s weak spot for having double damage

Monsters will unleash unique Active Skills after they have got some turns
On other side, Stat boosters will randomly appear and they will grow stronger each turn

As stated before, this game will feature gold and gems as the main currency of this game
In the way of getting more gold, you have to beat some enemies bosses as they will drop tons of gold that you can collect after you have beaten them

Except gold, you will also be assigned to get some gems that you can get by completing each quests given in this game


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