How to Earn Fruits and Score in Catch the Rabbit iPhone

Ketchapp has a new endless jumping game packed in Catch the Rabbit game, especially for the iOS and Android platforms.

catch the rabbit walkthrough ios android

the story goes when a mischievous rabbit has stolen all the golden fruits, and you will have to catch the rabbit by jumping from platform to platform without falling on the ground
In the mean time, you will also have to gather up some fruits that you can use to unlock new animals.

From this description, now you are assigned to catch the rabbit that hops from platform to platform by jumping after it as quickly as possible

One thing is that you must try landing as accurately as you can without falling off of the side.
Here, you can either catch it, or you can go for as long as you can then make a score as many points and collect as many fruits as you can.

With any mean necessary, you can still catch the rabbit and get extra points if you do so
On the other side, if you are having a hard time with it, just follow him for as long as possible from platform to platform.
At the same time, you must also try aiming for the fruit that you can use to purchase new animals to use along the game.

In line with this, you can get free fruit by watching the free advertisement videos
When doing so, you will be rewarded with 15 fruit apiece.
Later on, you can watch them for as long as there are videos available for racking up more free fruits.

Once collecting enough points, you can get new animals to play with in which they will not play any differently from each other
You will see that all that they will do is to change the appearance on the screen and they all jump the same distance and have the same associated physics as well.

Every time, you perform your jump action, just focus on whether the platforms are moving up and down or sideways so that you will have a plan which way to move next.
Also, you can simply aim ahead of them and aim with the shortest jumping distance possible to make it swift.
Remember not to jump any higher than you need to or the jump will take longer and the rabbit will get further away from you.

Besides having to collect some fruits, you must also try getting high score by performing the righ jump along the game
If you can do all procedures above, you may get what you want that is to reach high score and free fruits as well


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