How to Earn Free Pearls in Jelly Wars iPhone

Star Arcade Oy has delivered a real time multiplayer battle game for up to 8 players that you can find in Jelly Wars designed for the iOS and Android platforms.

jelly war walkthrough ios android

In this game, you and up to seven other players will battle it out for dominance
In the mean time, you can manage an island full of resources, pearls, and new bombs for you to unlock.

You will earn any of your resources from your island such as jellyfish to upgrade your harbor and more wood to upgrade your forest then getting more iron to upgrade your mine.
You can use those resources in the refinery to make new resources, with which you can have more bombs and other goodies.

Later on, be sure to upgrade your current bombs and all of the new bombs that you can unlock in the science lab.
If you upgrade them, they will be more powerful to deliver more damage to enemy players.
Also, if you have more advanced a bomb, they will be more expensive
For such reasons, it can be the most cost-effective thing to upgrade your base level bomb rather than unlock a whole bunch of new ones.

During in the battle, make sure to try taking the highest ground that you possibly can.
Doing this can stop yourself from getting knocked off of a stage.
You can use one of the two movement options to launch yourself to a different area.
Meanwhile, you can also use the sticky one if you want to stick yourself to the side of a wall or to the underside of the platform.

With the same token, you can try to knock your enemy off the platform and into the water.
Try to score a direct hit with a bomb to deliver damage
And, if you can manage to blow up the platform under them or knock them clear off the platform, they will die instantly.

For further, always search for special events, as they will earn you a massive bonuses when taking part yourself in.
At this point, you can simply tweet about the game that can earn you 100 real-life dollars worth of pearls.
Moreover, you will also have to complete the food quests in order to keep your workers happy as well.


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