How to Earn Free Gold in DomiNations iPhone

Big Huge Games as the developer of action rpg such as Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Rise of Nations, is now in the progress of developing a new strategy game entitled DomiNations for ios and android.

dominations tutorial walkthrough ios android

DomiNations will be a free to play on your phone where you will be brought to build and take control of a civilization with a big army and beat up your friends to take over their cities.

This game seems to involve the history where you will be able to play as any number of cultures from history, heading all the way back to a stone aged village and into the future with all those spaceships and hover boards.

At the beginning of the game, you are the leader of a tribe in the Stone Age and you will change your destiny by leading your civilization through all of human history.
Here, you can also form alliances, trade with friends and raid enemies.

In a glance, this game will be the one of the better looking attempts headed for mobile gamers.
In this game, you can go back in multiple times to try out different cultures, to relive different aspects of Earth’s history, and perhaps rewrite it as your own.

As said earlier, you are the leader of a tribe, whereby you will initially clear the surrounding forest to uncover valuable treasures and make room for your growing city
By clearing forest, you will automatically open space that you will need to build things.

Moreover, you can also reveal new goodies for you to plunder.
Also, clearing forest will sometimes earn you some resources like gold deposits that you can find it hidden in the forests.

Once having more space in your area, it will attract some people to reside in your territory
Because of this, you will have some more citizens so that it will bring more people to build things and gather resources.
Plus, it will be better to build a house to attract more citizen coming to your city
As a result, if you have more citizens, you will have more resources at the same time.

On the other side, you must also protect your city at all costs
In line with this, you have to build some towers to defend your town from the others who want to take over your city and resources.
Make sure you, place those towers near your town center as they will protect the entire area.


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