How to Earn Free Gems in Heroes of War Orcs VS Knights iPhone

Nexon will let you make your Orc or Knight village, where you can train your army and defense, then you will be taken to epic battle with other players’ bases online.
So just try to take part in a guild to help you in the quest and dominate the world in new MMO action strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms.

heroes of war orcs vs knights walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have to gather up a bunch of Heroes equipped with special abilities then make your own advanced tactics through mid-battle commands.

Basically, orcs here will be made in more powerful
And, you can also send more knights into battle at a time.

Here, different buildings will come to different limits at different headquarter levels, that will provide you a distinct numbers advantage to the knights.

To make your own defense, you can try to maintain high trophies, in that you must be sure to protect your headquarters as the most protected building on your base.

To supply your troops, you will have to gather up oil and gold
In line with this, you have to protect your resource storage
To collect more resources, you can collect them from your resource collectors, so that other your rivals cannot go for the easy resource snipe.

For such reasons, you can try to go for the easy resource snipe yourself, that you can do by searching for other players without a league ranking or appearing to have abandoned their bases.

Usually, such players will generally have some loot that will be available to collect.
Town hall snipes will also great to build up trophies
Thus, just search for other players who have stuck their town halls outside of their bases, for collecting purposes.
If you can build up more trophies, you will have more achievements to complete and earn free gems.

On the other side, if you get attacked and losing your resources, and even putting your town hall on the outside of your base is not helping, drop your trophies until you go to the midst of weaker players. Just drop them enough to find a lot of abandoned bases, so that you can raid and get resources as well. But do not drop them so low that you will not find the other player with any sort of good resources.

Furthermore, you have to try winning battles to get more materials
Getting enough them will be useful to forge relics that you can equip your chief with.
In the mean time, you can also search for other items, like a builder’s hammer.
After winning a builder’s hammer or purchasing it, you can build another builder’s hut, so that you can complete more construction projects at a time.


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