How to Earn Free Gems in Dragon Friends Green Witch Android

Innospark will allow you to obtain Dragon Eggs and breed some dragons and build your own island with some plants to give the dragons natural habitats
Here, you will also be assigned to gather up gems, hearts and gold as the main currencies of this game

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At the beginning of the game, you will have to get Dragon Eggs that you can do by purchasing one in shop
There, you can find eggs of all the Dragons in your first rank in the Shop.
Also, you can have limited edition Dragons that will only be available for a limited time
It will highly be recommended to get more various kinds of eggs to breed different Dragons

Later on, you can also get Mystery Eggs as rewards from Treasure Spin
You can get Special Color Dragon Eggs and Gem Dragon Egg through Exploration
Then if you help your friends’ adoption, you might get a Friendship Egg as a gift from your friends.

After getting some dragons eggs, you can then breed Dragons in the Breeding Garden.
In line with this, upgrading your Breeding Garden will decrease the breeding time by 20%, that will allow you to breed Dragons more often when you play.

You can breed them once they have reached Level 3 in that you have to look at the Dragon’s elements which will help you determine which Dragons to breed together to get it.

During the breeding process, it will be important to raise creatures‘ level that you can do by feeding them.
To feed your Dragon or Animal, select it, then click on the Apple icon then feed them until the creature reaches maximal level 10 in this game while use magic chance in that creature.
If you can breed some high level, you will be given a chance to breed the next star-grade creature as well as producing more golds.

You can use Magic Chance after the dragon is at Level 10 where a star appears, revolving around the creature.
At this point, Magic Chance makes it possible to turn your creature into higher rank or even a new one.
On the other side, purchasing special Decorations will then increase your chances of success on your island.
Moreover, magical aura will increase the chance of Magic Chance success.

Furthermore, you can collect some Special Color Dragons through the Cave Exploration Eggs logged in the Special Color Section of the Collection Book and they do not prompt rewards and they do not have special names to reflect the actual color or rank in number of stars

Firefly Dragon has 1 rank
And, the higher rank dragons are named 2 rank Ivory Firefly Dragon
Cherry Firefly Dragon has 3 rank
Sky Firefly Dragon has 4 rank.

In accordance with this, Special Color Dragon is called Special Color Firefly Dragon regardless of the rank and this rank is important for breeding and magic show

As stated earlier, gems are the premium currency of this game that you can use as a very important resource for a speedy game.
According to this, you can collect some for free from Mystery Eggs, through Breeding, Magic Chance and Eggs from Exploration

You can also get some gems from completing particular quests
And, Collection Book will come to 4 rank creature, master collection
You can earn them from Mini Game that is in High rank in Melody Cha Cha
Then, you can get them from Magic Recipe in Gem Alchemy and in Treasure Chest

Beside gems, you will also be assigned to collect more gold
All the Dragons active on Island will give you Gold
If you place them in Dragon Habitats the production will increase by 20% of gold.
Meanwhile, Trees and Farming are also good sources of Gold in that you should rain on all the plants
to increase 10% of the Gold production.
And, completing missions and leveling up will also allow you to get Gold as reward

In addition, you must then get Hearts through various social activities, that you can do by giving and receiving Blessings then inviting Facebook friends.
Every time you complete Quests and Achievements, you will get Hearts as rewards
You can also get them from the Collection Book, Magic Show as Daily Rewards.


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