How to Earn Free Gems in Area 777 iPhone

Area 777 from adult swim has given a different look of matching up game where you will fight against aline in spinning the same symbols on board

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Those aliens in this game are from another galaxy that have a purpose to control vegas so your duty here is to control the board and shut down the aliens’ advances

Here, you will take a role as well-coiffed stage magician Chazz Fabulous to stop those aliens where you will simply spin the reels, place special chips and use your amazing stage magic to ward off invading aliens, as well as making a big score and defending Vegas from that creatures of another galaxy

In this unique gameplay mashup of slot machines and magic-based defense game, you will be allowed to place special power-up chips on the reels then win each level for coins and gems.

Along the game, you will merely spin the reels and match 3 symbols then the machine’s magic will attack it.
And, when you can defeat an alien, the blue bar will filled up automatically.

Then, each time, you can hit the Spin button, you will get Fabulous Points and you should fill the blue bar to level up your character.

When battling with them in each stage, never let them reach the first reel of the slot machine or they will start attacking you and grab their victory in each stage.

Every time you battle with them on board, there is only one row of aliens will move each spin.
At this time, make sure to watch the lights on their heads to see which row will go next.

Later on, you will level up your character in which you will also be able to unlock new symbols and special features.

If you can make matches with special symbols, you will be able to contribute stronger attacks so that you can earn more tokens because of doing so.

Besides earning some tokens packs in this game, collecting stars is another way to fill your Fabulous Bar in this game.

For further, a chip’s magic will not be activated until you spin the reels.
After spinning the reel to where you want it to be, just tap the spin button to make more tokens.

In addition, this game will also feature gold coins and gems as the main currencies of this game
In order to get gold coins is simple as you will do is to make some match spin on the board
Moreover, if you can win each stage, you will be rewarded gems for free that you will need to purchase cool items

Alternatively, if you want to get more gems and tokens packs in this game, you can purchase them in the iap store


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