How to Earn Free Diamonds in Archer Saga Android

After launching the previous game called Racing Saga, WEDO1 has now continued to introduce their newest game which is bundled in Archer Saga

archer saga walkthrough ios android

This game comes along with intuitive controls, realistic physics, multiple game mode where you can play in traditional mode, targets mode, hurricane mode, black jack, and haze mode at your fingertip.

Along the game, you will be provided with a maximum of 6 free lives
And, your energy of lives will replenish a single life for 3 minutes so you will get a 6 lives for just 18 minutes
At this point, this game will not notify you when you get full lives, so it will be better if you use any reminder apps on your phone.

As usual, this game will feature diamonds of gems as the premium currency
Bows are the main point in this game that you should upgrade when you want to go to the next levels
In line with this, you can purchase the Second Bow in Archer Store and use your diamonds only for the second bow upgrades

When doing so, you can only gain maximum of 3 diamonds per stage, so you must use it efficiently
In the way of getting these diamonds for free, you can play this game daily with your Facebook account
Anyway, every time you can clear the objective, you will be rewarded with diamonds

On the other side, you have to purchase the strongest bow in the game and upgrade it as soon as possible when you have enough diamonds.
Even though getting such bow is expensive, you can get all of the bonus skills and maximum slot upgrade for Control, Accuracy and Time.

In addition, if you want to get more diamonds to purchase the strongest bows, all you will do is simply to connect and login through Facebook to play this game
For such reasons, you will be rewarded with X2 Diamonds in Daily Login Rewards when you connect the game with your Facebook account.


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