How to Earn Free Coins in UC Crazy Run Android

UC Game has launched its newest game, UC Crazy Run, a free running game specifically designed for android device

uc crazy run walkthrough ios android

On the other words, this game is a kind of thrilling and fast-paced games, where you will play with the super cute UC squirrel and his equally adorable friend that will take you to explore a city with ultimate fun and action.

Here, you can also play online with your friends to double the fun and see who will get the highest score after running through some available maps and sprint mode on this game

In related to these various maps, you will have an access to new maps in which you have to make a progress in the game
Along with maps, you will also have to overcome the increasing levels of difficulty and random obstacles, which will bring a more exciting experience when you are running through each track

During in your run, you will meet halfway rest stations that will allow you to regenerate your energy, so that you can gain higher scores.

On the other side, this game also features coins as the main currency of this game
At this moment, the developer will offer you 20,000 free coins if you download and play this game in the first installation

With a bunch of coins in your inventory, you can use them to exchange power-ups and equip for your characters that will help you in completing your run in each map

Except coins, this game will assign you to recharge your energy as your lives
In line with this, if you run out your energy, you have to wait it for getting full again in few moments

Anyway, you will be able to get full lives in this game at anytime, by doing the time lapse trick in which all you will do is to change your phone’s time setting.

First step is to close UC Crazy Run game by either restarting your phone or shutting it off from the task manager.
Then, you can change the time for 1 day or more.
Once doing so, you can open the game again and you will get your full Lives there.

After getting your full lives back, you can now set back the time and date of your phone again
As usual, just open UC Crazy Run game again but do not play a single game.
Next, close the game again by restarting your phone
Now, go to time and date settings and change the time and date to the recent time and date based on your region.
Later on, you can continue to open and play UC Crazy Run game along with full lives as your supply for the next run


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