How to Earn Flooz Coins Fast in Pirate Power iPhone

Pirate Power developed by Godzilab can be included into an epic pirate RPG adventure which seems to be designed for the ios platform

pirate power walkthrough ios android

As an epic pirate rpg, this game is filled with boats, cannons, heroes, powers, huge bad guys, exploration and discoveries which will challenge you to conquer the ocean for flooz coins
Again, you will are challenged to be the amazing pirate captain to rule the seas again.

Throughout the game, you will need a lot of money and resources to upgrade your boat
In order to get those, you will have to complete missions offering the best possible rewards such as character stones, money and resources

You can also play this game online with your friends
By having more friend to play this game, you can help repair their boats on the map and get Pearls as rewards which you can use to improve the stats of your ship.

When battling enemy ships, just try to aim at the weapons first so that you can take them down then destroy the shields
In the mean time, try to focus on the Square Sail, similar to the shields

When performing your action, you can manage to unleash a special attack immediately during the ship’s unprotected phase
Doing so will make your shots do even more damage
Thus, it will be better to hold on to your special attack for those particular moments.

Also, it will be better to learn what each attack does and how to get the most out of it
And, after using an attack, it will require one extra action point, so you must only use them when you really need it

Always make sure to keep your ship in top shape by upgrading it that you can do with in-game money, resources
In accordance with this, you can upgrade your weapon first, your shield or the Sail, then your hull

On the other side, completing missions will reward you with character medals which can evolve the characters you already have.
If you can evolve them well, they will be a ticket to complete some missions at ease
In other words, more completed missions will make more resources in form of flooz coins


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