How to Earn Extra Gems in Dragon Mania Legends iPhone

Gameloft will take you to explore and rebuild Dragolandia, breed cute baby hatchlings, and raise them into powerful dragons to defeat the Vikings trying to invade the land in Dragon Mania Legends game.

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In this game, you will find over 100 species of unique and highly detailed dragons where you will build and breed dragons to make strong hatchlings as well as raise them a variety of habitats on your own Dragon Island

In your own island, you will have to feed, cuddle and train your baby dragons in an interactive experience as well as collecting and discovering all kind of different dragons then becoming the ultimate Dragon Lord in this game

Along the game, you must care for your dragons by feeding them regularly to grow and become more powerful, so that they will earn you more Gold and produce more valuable hatch-lings.

When breeding the dragons in the Breeding Den, you will be allowed to breed two dragons with different elements to make a hybrid hatchling in which the dragons with a higher level and rarity will produce rarer hatchlings.
According to this, if you want to get a legendary Dragon, try only use very high-level dragons for breeding.

Each time the dragon breeding is complete, a new dragon egg will come up in the Hatchery to go through the hatching process.
Upgrading the Hatchery will get you to have several eggs undergo hatching at the same time.

In the growth time, the dragons will sometimes need additional encouragement to grow beyond their current level, in which you have to build them a Temple to celebrate their elements which are an important component of battle strategy.
Here, every element is neutral to attacks of its own type, it is strong and weak against other specific elements.
In line with this, you have to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your dragons’ elements so that you can you determine which opponents to attack with which dragons.

Later on, you will also have to train your dragons to be more powerful ones that you can do in the training a champion

At first, select the Training icon in the care screen then you can train a dragon as a battle Champion.
Afterward, you can direct dragon attacks toward the Viking dolls by swiping your finger
When doing that action, be sure to avoid the maidens, as hitting them lowers the success rate of your training.
Being a Champion will increase your dragon’s stats, which can only be used by one dragon at a time.

After training them, your dragons can also learn powerful skills, and upgrade them at the Academy.
Every element will come to its own unique skill, and hybrid dragons with multiple elements can learn skills for each of them.
Meanwhile, you can select between two forms, based on which best fits your fighting style at the highest level of a skill.

Furthermore, you can teach Skills to your dragons at the Academy.
Every skill here has 6 levels, and your dragons will come to the final level that is Mastery.
Skills which are developed to the Mastery level will give you additional functionality in battle and you can select between two Skill Masteries for each element.

On the other side, the dragons will be categorized into their rarity from Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, to Legendary.
If you have more higher rarity of a dragon, they will be more valuable, and they will also earn Gold more quickly than more common types.

In accordance with this, having legendary dragons will be the rarest and most powerful in all Dragolandia as they will have mighty powers.

After breeding and training your dragons, you can send them into the battles where you will be assigned to beat the Dunlcelviking and chase him and his minions out of Dragolandia.
During in the battle, be sure to have good elemental strategy and powerful dragons that will make you win the battles, so that your dragons will level up and become stronger
Also, you must teach them powerful skills at the Academy to gain a tactical advantage.

Moreover, if you can beat boss dragon in the battlefield, you will earn the respect of a Boss Dragon, in which they will come to your Island if you give a proper Habitat.
Once that boss dragon has been in your island, their presence will inspire the other dragons to gather up more Gold to impress them.

Habitats in this game are shelters for your dragons to train and relax.
Every Habitat here refers to a specific element, and only dragons with that element will want to live there.
If you build a Habitat, make sure to upgrade it so that it will be populated by more dragons and allow them to collect more Gold as well.

In addition, in order to get rewards and points in this game, The Friendship Totem will earn you Social Points for each social action that you have completed with other dragon trainers in Dragolandia.
If you can collect enough Social Points, you will earn special rewards.
And, if you want to get more rewards, you must upgrade The Friendship Totem

Except social points, you will be assigned to collect gold coins and gems as well
As stated above, in order to get more gold, you must breed your dragons well and you can earn more gold by beating enemies in your island

Gems here are the premium currency of this game and they are hard to get in usual way
To get gems, you can collect few of them by building new habitat for specific dragons with specific elements
So, if they populate that habitat you have just built, you will earn gems from it



  1. I really have to say if you’re to write a game guide, be sure to be specific so the gamers can actually get something useful,
    Like you can modify the “training champion” part by specifying that:
    Perfect hit: significant improve of stats
    w/ 1 failed hit: moderate improve of stats
    w/ 2 failed hit and you failed the training session
    (failed to hit one warrior, or accidently hit down one doll, either are count as 1 fail)

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