How to Earn Extra Gems in Dragon Knights iPhone

Com2us has served its newest rpg bundled in Dragon Knights where you will craft, disassemble, power up items then equip gems to create the most powerful hero in this game

dragon knights com2us walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be able to collect more than 400 weapons and armor that you can use to strengthen your heroes
In related to the items, you can collect them from Rare, Heroic, Legendary items in the Item Book
Also, yo will be able to gather up 40 different Pets to summon with various skills

Then, when you reach Power-up Levels 5 and 10 with your Equipment, you will be able to get additional properties
Your equipment here will range from Normal, Advanced Rare, Heroic to Legendary in which you can get rare one through Crafting.
Thus, just equip your heroes with items you get from the battlefields to make them stronger

On the other side, Rare Designs and materials will be available from normal Dungeons and the Giant Bosses.
Here, you can get Heroic Designs and Materials from the Tower of Heroes and you can collect Legendary Designs and materials from the Arena and the World Boss.

Later on, you can craft the item using the Design and the required materials.
When crafting items, you can only Craft Rare Equipment or higher one in which high level Designs need more Materials and cost.

Also, you can only Disassemble Rare Equipment or higher one then get some materials required to Craft Heroic or Legendary Equipment when you disassemble items.
In related to materials, you will get them more once your level of the item increases.

You can use the skill when the skill icon is activated in blue then you will not be able to use your skills when you run out of MP or when the skill is in cool down after being used in the battlefield.

Afterwards, you can store your items in Inventory
But, crafting materials, Power-up Stones, and Gems are stored in packs
Next, the other items are stored individually.

In order to increase the basic stats of an item with Item Power-up, you can use gold that you can gather up through the battle.

When battling with enemies, you can use auto mode skills to attack enemy automatically
Moreover, you can make a combo and inflict great damage if you tap on the skill button when it is activated in orange.

In this game, gems are the premium currency that you will get after winning the battle
And, if you want to collect more gems, you can invite your friends to join this game

For further, you can Power-up your Gems by using 3 Gems of the same level and gems in the same level will show when you select a Gem to Power-up.
At this point, the Power-up success rate decreases as the level of the Gem increases.

In addition, you will be able to get a reward when you have completed the collection of 14 pieces of Equipment with the same grade and level.


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