How to Earn Extra Coins in Notebook Wars Saga Android

Panda Zone has introduced a scrolling war game bundled in Notebook Wars Saga where it will turn one kid’s notebook into the battlefield then you can play in some levels

notebook wars saga walkthrough ios android

This game has brought in amazing hand drawn graphics, fantastic game play, and awesome effects all in one phenomenal notebook shooter game
This is also taking the term Shock and Awe and turning it into Shock and Draw in a major way

Along the game, you will be provided to select 7 different war planes along with 22 awesome weapons to upgrade

On the other side, this game also features coins as the main currency that you can get in many ways
In the way of collecting free coins, all you will do is simply to watch ads video given by the developer.
Doing this will definitely be more faster and more easier to earn coins rather than playing through some available stages.

Once gathering enough coins, you can use them to purchase new weapons, so that you can finish new stages and get a weapon for free

Later on, you will have a chance to choose and purchase new planes
At this point, you can choose the cheapest planes that will increase your Weapon Slots.
Anyway, these weapons slots are the most important upgrade for your plane, which will increase you damage output when you deal with enemies in this game.

When selecting weapons slot, you should choose your most available expensive weapon, which comes along with shoot speed or accuracy.

Anyway, you will not need an increase of armor as you can play the game anytime unlike those games that has a lives or energy limitation.

In addition, if you want to earn more coins, you can try to play in easy stage or current stage as this stage will offer you a good amount of coins depending on its difficulty.
Meanwhile, you can simply smash those enemies and earn coins, then play again and repeat to earn extra gold coins.


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