How to Earn Dora Bell Coins in Doraemon Gadget Rush Android

Animoca Brands has Doraemon Gadget Rush that is specifically made for android users where you will have to help Doraemon to take back his future gadgets from alien techno thieves

doraemon gadget rush walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will have the main goal that is to blast the aliens to bits by forming a string of same colored gems on the game board

Later on, within a given time limit, you will have to chain combos to unleash Fever Time and search for rare power-ups for more points and damage.

After making a good progresses through the game, you will also unlock Doraemon’s friends Nobita, Shizuka, Takeshi and Suneo to help him in battle.

Then, you will have to level them up and equip powerful weapons with unique boosts that you can use to beat all the aliens and get back all of Doraemon’s 30 stolen future gadgets

On the other side, chaining 3 or more identical orbs will get gain some points and if you can chain 10 or more orbs gains you will get Red Bean Pancakes as the currency of this game.

You will also be able to get a matching accessory through the accessory Gashapon that you can use to upgrade the skill levels, which also increase the accessory’s skill

In related to the combo, you can also try to achieve 7 combo chains continuously within a set time that will give you an access to go into fever-mode.
Anyway, if you run out of chains, be sure to click on the screen to refresh the orbs on the screen.

This game features some currencies such as Red Bean Pancakes and Dora Bell Coins
Red Bean Pancakes is a currency that is rewarded by playing the game, that you can get by redeeming or you can get them through the battle with enemies

Meanwhile, Dora Bell coin is the premium currency in the game.
To get these coins, you can earn more of them by logging in and playing this game daily
You can also get Dora Bell coupon that you can use to redeem it for free on this game
Once collecting enough Dora Bell coin, you can use it for lucky Gashapon.
Here, some points that is rewarded after going through a battle will earn a Dora Bell coin

Besides, you will also need Hopter as an energy value, deduct one when enter battle
In order to enhance an equipment’s base level and increase the attack power, you will have to go through some battles

Getting a matching avatar through the avatar Gashapon can upgrade the skill level and it can also increase the skill benefit
And, it will also reduce the orb energy which is required to activate the skills

Next, putting on the accessories will trigger special skills or additional bonus abilities.
You can see the value of the accessory’s power displayed in green numerals.

After beating an enemy, you will see that an accessory or avatar will be set free and it is placed on the roulette wheel.
at this point, you can select one in random.
In addition, making another draw will help you get your favorite items more precisely.


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