How to Earn Diamonds Rubies Coins in Octopus Evolution iPhone

Octopus Evolution Clicker Game of the Deep Sea Mutants from Tapps is a new clicker game where you can play with octopii on the ios and android phones

octopus evolution walkthrough ios android

Here, your main goal is to evolve your octopii and use them to collect a bunch of gold, and keep evolving your character to the biggest one

In order to make money in this game to cut the game off for a little while
After pausing for around five minutes, then go back to the game so that you will get all of the boxes pop up which will get you to mix the octopii together.
Later on, you can unlock new evolutions by mixing levels of octopii together.

On the other side, you can also get to the next evolution level by going to the octopus shop and using your coins on loading up on the highest level octopus which is available there.

All you will do there is to fill up your farm until the octopii are no longer worth the coins which they cost.
In the mean time, you can then evolve them, so that the next level octopii up will be available to purchase

Diamonds and rubies can also be the main currencies of this game which you can get for free
Sometimes, you will get them in random on the screen when playing this game

In order to get them for free, just go to the in game store and take the free offer to watch a video in exchange for a diamond or gems.

Just watch as many of these advertisement videos to get more diamonds as you want.
Keep doing this until the videos run out, then you can come back in fifteen minutes or so to get them back and watch them again

Besides, you will be able to get coins which are pop up per second
To farm them more, leave your phone with the face sitting up, whereby you can get free coins from the poop that the octopii leave behind.

At this point, you can let it in sleep mode, and leave it sitting face up for as long as possible to earn a ton of coins at ease.

Once collecting them, you can unlock the pearl power-up which the most powerful in the game.
If you see a pearl to come up, it will give the highest level for octopus and it can start rapid-fire crapping out coins.
So, you can do this every time you get a pearl to farm a bunch of coins fast and easy.


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