How to Earn Diamonds Gems in Downtown Showdown iPhone

Downtown Showdown from Colopl is the combination of a new city building game and a real time strategy game which you can play both on the iOS and Android platforms

downtown showdown walkthrough ios android

Your main objective here is to build the biggest and richest city, then fight your rivals to get the champion of the in-game reality show of the same name.

In the way of building your city, you will have to supply enough wood and other resources with your starting coins
At that moment, you can max out on commercial buildings, that will reward you with more coins for the future

Later on, if you have reached 2000 population, you can send your troops into other players’ cities to attack their city for resources

Then, when you have 2,500 population, you will be able to unlock emergency buildings, that can be your defense for your city.

Furthermore, make sure you build such emergency buildings to cover over all of the buildings in your city.

At the same time, you can try to make it slower going for your rivals, that you can do by changing the layout of your roads
Doing this will make them more confusing, which will take longer to cross, so that they will run in front of the emergency buildings for awhile.

In order to build more buildings, you can purchase expansions
By purchasing them, you can build roads which lead to the outlying ruins in the city.

Each time, you hit specific experience levels, you can repair them
And, you can add mines surrounding your city to protect it
On the other side, you can add your friends to help each other out as far as using or repairing them

Also, be sure to upgrade other buildings in this game, including all of the nearby parks and assorted similar facilities
Upgrading them will increase a percentage bonus in population

In addition, gems or diamonds can be said as the premium currency of this game
Each time, you reach certain population, you will generally be granted with gems or diamonds
So, always build your city with some houses and buildings to attract more population which will give you more money in form of gold coins and diamonds


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