How to Earn Diamonds for Free in Hollywood U Rising Stars Android

Hollywood U: Rising Stars is now being popular in mobile platforms mainly on the iOS and Android.
As said early on this page, this game features two main currencies, they are cash and diamonds.

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Diamonds here are the premium currency of this game, it means that they are hard to get and more expensive to purchase, but there are plenty of ways to earn them for free.

The easy way to get those free diamonds by linking characters in your dorms to your Facebook friends or your Game Center friends.

Besides, you should complete the available quests such as your VIP Quests to get free diamonds.
The end will typically have the biggest rewards, such as small amounts of gems.

On the other side, when you take care of the date quests once you unlock Amour, you will have a chance to earn a few diamonds per quest series, and the VIP dates, which earn more diamonds.

In other way, you can watch advertisement videos offered by the developer that will give you free diamonds.
Here, all you will have to do is simply to watch them until they run out, then wait for about fifteen to twenty minutes and watch them again.
Doing this activity will increase your free diamond rewards.

Moreover, you will be able to gain some free diamonds by gaining experience levels.
Then, every time you gain an experience level, you will earn five diamonds freely.

Furthermore, if you can reach level six by December 19 on this month, you will have a chance to earn a hundred diamonds.

In addition, once you make some friends in the game via either Facebook or Game Center, you will not only link them to your characters for extra free diamonds, but you can also visit their cities and complete tasks for free diamonds.

Later on, once collecting enough diamonds, you can spend them wisely like purchasing the second workshop, or purchasing new clothes.
Anyway, you already have the workshop that you bought earlier in the game during the tutorial.
But, having new clothes are a luxury item that you must get later on.


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