How to Earn Diamonds And Medals in World of Battleships Android

Saboade has offered World of Battleships to ios and android in which this game is a naval game of great strategy where you can gather all different kinds of battleships to build your own invincible fleet

word of battleships walkthrough iphone android

In this game, you will be brought to explore form the Jylland Sea to Leyte Gulf, and get involved in all the famous naval battles throughout history.

Here, you will take a role as a commander of the alliance, who gets a main duty to protect the world from enemies and return it to its once peaceful nature.

Along the game, you will also be assigned to collect Battleships Designs that you can get from battle instances, gameplay and events.
With these designs, you can build the corresponding battleships in your shipyard.

When constructing your ships, you should follow the standardization of the order for the quality of battleships from top to bottom, namely orange, purple, blue, green and white.
Later on, you can also earn orange and purple battleship design fragments that you can use to synthesize your battleships.

In line with this, the quality of Battleship Designs will determine the quality of the battleships and you can find these Battleship Designs in instances and through recruiting spies.
Also, battleships design fragments of the same type can synthesize a battleship design.
You can get them when battling with bosses that will grant yo different battleship design fragments.

In accordance with Mighty Design, you can exchange it for the battleship design you desire.
At the same time, you can also decompose unnecessary battleships or battleship designs that will give you Mighty designs.
To get these Mighty designs, you can find it in battle instances.

When playing this game, you will have an option to pick 3 types of battleship skills namely Normal Skill, Active Skill and Flagship Skill in which some will provide high damage, while some have AOE skills.

Moreover, each fleet will have 2 lines that can be put with higher HP in the front and those with high DPS at the rear.
Thus, if your enemies attack the rear line first, you can rearrange your formation to make the battle easier to conquer.

After constructing your battleships, you can now try to go to the battle modes, which are normal and elite one.
Anyway, you will have limited chances per day to conquer elite battle instances with a higher chance to drop battleship designs and fragments.
During in the battle, you can have a chance of collecting some excellent resources and items.
Pirate Treasure will provide immense gold while the Arena will give great items.

Furthermore, this game will feature some currencies such as gold, gems and medals that you have to gather up throughout the game

In the way of getting free gold, diamonds and battleship designs, you must take part in some events.
When participating in each event, make sure to win it that will earn you a lot of crystals and gold for free
Once getting them, you can use them to upgrade your ships or to purchase some cool items for your ships

On the other side, you can join a legion to fight alongside your friends.
By donating funds, it increase legion build and personal contribution where this can improve legion level
And, personal contribution can be used to purchase some items in the legion store.

In addition, if you want to get some medals, you have to conquer instances that will give you some instance stars
With these instance stars, you can activate medals which can add stats for all ships.


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