How to Earn Crystals for Solutions in Cut the Rope Magic iPhone

ZeptoLab has recently launched Cut the Rope: Magic as a physics or puzzle game on the apple store and android markets.

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Along the game, all you will do is to guide the little monster Om Nom to collect all candies by cutting ropes and letting physics do its work.

Similar to the previous series of Cut the Rope games, this new series Cut the Rope: Magic has combined physics, puzzles, and a touch of luck into one package.

In this game, you will have to collect all three stars and send the candy safely to Om Nom
At this point, you must also try to complete each puzzle in one piece

Anyway, the developer seems to offer solutions to solve each stage with a price through iaps
As a result, by solving each level, you will get each star there

During the game, when entering a new stage, you can poke around a few times before settling into getting a solution.

When performing your action, try to learn how the candy reacts when you cut the ropes holding it in place

Also, learn how certain tricks and traps react with the other items on the board.
To learn the basic gameplay, you can restart a level as many times as you need, so that you can memorize each object or item moves

On the other side, you must handle on how your magical transformations work in which you will not need to transform Om Nom through all stages to gather up the candy
Besides, you need to use transformations to get all three stars in most levels.

When analyzing a stage, you must consider to how Om Nom’s transformation powers help you out in that particular stage
At this point, you must learn the full capabilities of the transformations.

Here, you will play with the different size of Om Nom
Baby Om Nom is lightweight, since he can fit into small crevices so that it will make him float in bubbles at ease.

Mouse Om Nom has ability to make a beeline for the candy on each stage in a carrot-on-a-stick fashion.
Moreover, he can use this power to push boxes, which will be useful to solve the stage.

Meanwhile, you can then use the wizard’s anti-gravity powers against enemy, since Om Nom will often deal with a candy-stealing wizard called a big jerk.
This creature can use his gravity-based powers to draw the candy towards him so that he can grab the candies before Om Nom can get it.

Make sure to use your special power when dealing with enemy in level 2 to 9 in which you must cut the candy free to deliver it to your character
At that time, the wizard’s powers will keep it from plunging into the pit below which will give the right time to make a move

The main point to play this game is to get all stars in the levels
And, this game will not allow you to skip levels, but you can unlock new worlds with stars you have collected through the levels.

Thus, if you cannot unlock new worlds with start you have, you can replay the older stages to complete for grabbing all three stars there.


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