How to Earn Cash and Gold Medals in Bonbon Cakery Android

Kairosoft has presented Bonbon Cakery where you can have your own bakery where you can test your skill to make any kind of cake with high-ranking recipes then take part in in grand competitions for more rewards in form of cash.

bonbon cakery walkthrough ios android

Here, you can also combine a sponge cake with strawberries and cream and presto with toppings to create a supple shortcake

Pleasing the palates of your beloved customers will help your culinary crusade that you can do by earning cash rewards and tasty ingredients.

You will sometimes be tasked to complete Hall of Fame Challenge mode, where you will have to fill a flurry of fast orders, and “Recipe Lab,” so that you can step up the quality of your sweets.

In this mode, you have to make sweets on the spot to fill customer orders.
And, you must satisfy customers to win medals or rare ingredient sets.

Hall of Fame Challenges are designed to make you combine the displayed ingredients well, so that you can satisfy the customers.

Early on, you can combine ingredients to make your own original sweet recipes.
Here, the plate you pick will determine the type and number of toppings that you can use.
Anyway, some plates may not let you use any toppings on your cake you are making.

Later on, you will also be able to get creation points that you can use to make new sweet recipes, and it will refill at a rate of 1 point every 10 minutes then it will increase as you play the game

When trying to make a cake, every ingredient has calories.
If you use more toppings, the calories will be higher that will negatively affect the item’s score.
And, leveling up your main ingredients will allow you to use more calories in a sweet.

On the other side, the shelf you will use affects the number of sweets that you can display at once, and the amount of attention they receive.
At this point, sweets on high attention shelves sell better.
And, cost of ingredients will be deducted when you refill a shelf.

Because of making more and more new sweets, you will discover new suppliers.
When changing suppliers, your ingredientsā€˜ stats will also change that will affect any new recipes that you are making, as well as sweets made from past recipes.

Meanwhile, this game will also offer you a medal, that you can get when you satisfy customers
They will also make you level up which also increases a customer’s funds
Moreover, they may even give you new ingredients or information.

You can use your medals in nearly every aspect of the game.
And, you can get them by satisfying your customers, winning contests, or getting a good end-of-month evaluation.

If a sweet has a high Aroma stat, it will make a customer’s aura that can increase their available funds and purchase amount.
They may also purchase more expensive items.

Every customer here will have an individual sweet preference and your customers can get more satisfaction from eating their favorite kind of sweets.

Furthermore, you can take part in Contests which requires different types of sweets.
getting a victory in a contest will get you prize money or medals, and it will also attract your customers to come to your cakery.
In order to win the contests, be sure to pay attention to your supplier’s skills.

You can also get SP or Sugar Points by selling recipes.
Prizes will be in medals and items that can boost ingredient XP.

In Rare Lucky Spin, you can use Premium Tickets so that you can win large numbers of medals, valuable sweet sets, rare interior decorating items, or Creation Points.



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