How to Earn Bucks and Coins in Big Win Football 2015 iPhone

Hothead Games has launched Big Win Football 2015 that is the long running series of sports-themed card battling games wrapped for the iOS and Android devices.

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Along the game, you will be assigned to accomplish your main goal that is to build the strongest teams that you can
Then, you can use them to win in single player and multiplayer tournament modes as well as gathering up some coins and big bucks.

Before going to the match for the first time, be sure to change the pass or rush bias to play to your strengths.
In line with this, if your rushers are stronger or your receivers and QB are stronger, then pick one or the other

And, if you do not know or they are close, you can then set the bias to be balanced.
Then, you can change the bias based on what boost cards you are using in that it will be the same with the defensive bias and its respective positions.

Later on this game, you will really need coins and Big Bucks to collect new card packs such as Silver, Gold and Platinum packs that you can only get with your Big Bucks.
Also, you will have a chance to get the rarest cards packs
At this point, if you have the rarer ones, you will strong squad that you can use to beat your opponents in the match.

For big spenders, you will be given with the All-Star packs, which will give you a chance at winning superstar and legend players.

On the other side, getting these rare cards will be hard as you will have to go through some matches and must win each of them to get more and more big bucks
If you really want to get these rare cards pack immediately, you can simply go to the IAP store and search for the free currency buttons.

There, you will be directed to the Tapjoy offer wall that will prompt you to watch videos or complete offers for generating free more Big Bucks.
Moreover, by simply watching videos, you will earn coins as well, or you can trade Big Bucks for coins as well
Or, you can simply do the quick play mode over and over for earning more coins.

Meanwhile, this game has featured big bucks and coins as the main currencies where you can get them all through match and events
According to this, taking part in the various Big Bowls is a good way to earn you more coins and Big Bucks.
Thus, if you participate in the bowl for more, you will have an access to get the better earnings.

Anyway, the various leagues will be matched up based on win or loss record and on overall team ranking
For such reasons, the boost cards and the strategic bias will be the deciding factors to win or not in the match.

Except bucks and coins, you will require energy to play this game
In accordance with this, you can get a free energy refill when you run out of it
To refill your energy instantly, you can do the time lapse trick
To do this, just go to the date and time settings on your phone
Next, you can then set the time ahead for however much energy you want to regenerate.
Furthermore, every time you need to get energy without waiting for long period, you can apply this trick to get your energy back, then you can continue to play for an unlimited amount of time in each match.


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