How to Earn A Lot of Money in Trucksform Android

Trucksform developed by evl ppy can be categorized into a truck racing game combined with some actions where you can drive, shoot and fly your big foot trucks crossing some incredible tracks that will offer unique racing experience

trucksform walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to sit in your advanced off-road transforming truck and go adventure through some tracks as well as tackling some of the most difficult terrains to collect the necessary artifacts that you can use to build the Magma Stabilizing Machine.

Playing this game will test your reaction speed and decision making while learning how and when to transform your truck when dealing with specific track.
So, just drive, transform, shoot, fly and drill your way through all the 60 levels in this game

To get some thrilling experience, you will be brought to go for a journey through several continents, from desert dunes to volcanic mountains and lush green hills
You will go for that stunts spreading over 60 action-packed levels.

On the other side, you will also see some countless obstacles in your way
But, your truck is equipped with some weapons to overcome each obstacle standing in your way.

Moreover, you will see that your amazing truck can transform to different specialized machines such as off road truck, gun truck, drill truck and helicopter truck that can fly above the hills

You can have off road Truck that can be your default driving choice
This truck is a versatile, fast and durable truck that will be the best suitable for rough terrain, ramps and jumps.

Later on, choosing gun truck is also good as this truck can blast through obstacles than pass over them.
You can also use your gun to clear a path through exploding barrels and debris.

In order to overcome stone tracks, you can use drill truck which blasts through tonnes of stones and concrete walls as the mighty Gun Truck cannot go for that track
It is why using the drill transformation will be handy.
Meanwhile, using helicopter truck will allow you to fly over difficult terrain.

In line with these different trucks, each of them comes along with a series of upgrades that will improve their characteristics.

At this point, you must earn money cash that you can do by completing every mission on track
One getting enough money, be sure to upgrade wheels that can increase the acceleration and top speed of your truck

You can also add more powerful guns to destroy obstacles faster.
Furthermore, upgrading all trucks will help you finish the levels in time with ease.

The main point is to focus on incoming track and transform your truck based on the track you will deal with
If you can do it well, you will earn more money and cash for upgrades


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