How to Earn A Lot of Donkey Doll in Worms 4 iPhone

Team 17 Software has a turn based battle game called Worms 4 specifically made for ios and android users, where you will guide an army of worms and get involved in the gun zone with your rival

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When shooting your rival, you will win the game is your rival`s hit points are depleted completely.
Early on the game, before you play this game online with your rival, it is highly recommended to play it in the campaign mode first

Playing in that mode will get you to feel the game’s mechanics of how to shoot enemy in various distant and adjust the the firepower to shoot at enemy`s spot

Also, you will learn how to move around the terrain
At this point, the AI in the campaign mode is pretty merciful compared to the multiplayer AI.

You will get most weapons such as bazookas and grenades that can deliver splash damage from a distance. Using grenades can roll back at you if the wind is not in your favor.

And, if your enemy tries to shoot from above you on a thin strip of terrain, be sure to blast them from below since they can take double damage from your weapon

At the same time, you can also use barrels and mines to blast enemy at once
During in the battlefield, be sure to destroy unreachable crates before your enemy grabs them.

At that time, you will have a few seconds to move after shooting
Then, your turn will end shortly after shooting your weapon
You can use this moment to move to safer ground, when you are up high and becoming an easy target.

On the other side, most levels will have wind, which tends to shift with each turn.
When shooting at the enemy, a little breeze will change your projectiles’ trajectories.

So, be sure to always watch the meter under the teams’ hit points for information about the weather.
Also, you can consider swoosh lines on screen to get where way the wind is blowing.
Always remember not to wind up in a crater since it will get your character nailed by a grenade.

In addition, every time you can beat enemy, you will be granted with a lot stuff
One of that stuff is donkey doll that you can use to beat enemy at once
So, be sure to always win the game to get donkey doll, a kind of currency in this game


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