How to Dunk The Ball for High Score in PBA Slam iPhone

PBA Slam from Ranida Games can be said as NBA Jam Type Game in that it is an action packed basketball game that is specifically designed for ios and android mobile platforms.

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Seemingly, this game is inspired by the 1990’s basketball arcade game NBA Jam.
You will play as a 2 vs 2 game featuring your own favorite PBA teams and players.

To move your player, you can use the virtual analog stick such as press and hold the shoot button.
Time the release when the red marker is under or near the green marker.

To play this game for the first time, just try to tap the pass button to pass the ball.
Then, try to press the ball when your team mate is near or under the ring to perform an alley-oop.
It will be better to practice alley-oop in rookies difficulty first.

At the beginning of the game, you will be at rookie level where you can easily shoot the ball successfully on the ring.
Also, you may need to practice your timing in rookie difficulty before playing with the veteran level.

When playing in veteran level, you must try to shoot with Point Guards and avoid shooting as a Center and make sure you are near at the three point line in that it will make your shot to go for three point distance.

In order to perform your slam dunk, you can try to tap and hold the shoot button while moving inside the free-throw.
Here, both Point Guard or Centers can dunk.

Later on, just try to tap the crossover button to do a crossover or spin move.
Performing crossover will avoid the ball being stolen or you can use it to move near at the basket with safe.


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