How to Double Gold Bars in AdVenture Capitalist iPhone

AdVenture Capitalist is the world’s greatest Capitalism simulator for the iOS and Android platforms that is developed by Kongregate.

adventure capitalist angel investor iphone ipad

Here, you can own your own business then form your own multi-national conglomerate to make a world-wide, monopolistic economy

Later on, you will be working your way up to having such huge quantities of money that they have not even named the denominations yet, as well as building a huge amount of angel investors.

For further, you have to increase the amount of money that you earn at all times by tapping on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen to watch an advertisement videos.

In line with this, you can do this up to four times daily
Then, after doing so it you will get a four hour boost.
During that boost, you can double the money and you can use this boost as many times as you can throughout the day.

By using this boost, your money can continue to rise.
Just check in every once in a while to purchase upgrades and get the advertisement bonus going again
And, you can come back every so often to see how much money is coming in.

Furthermore, you will be given with the option after earning enough money to restart the game with angel investors.
At this point, each angel investor that you have you learned will come to a 2% upgrade in your income.

You can get more angel investors, by racking up a certain amount of money within the game, then you can go to the menu and go to the investment tab.
There, just select the option to sell shares and restart in which you can gain angels
And, there is no point in restarting if there is a zero under the gained with restart column.

On the other side, you have to stay alert of the various achievements as when you complete them, you will acquirable supplier for that specific investment.

You can then earn speed doubles after purchasing the same investment 25 times then 50 then 100 and 200 and it will continue to rise.
Moreover, you can also get the bonuses, and getting the first two or three bonuses for every item that you can purchase will make a big difference in your income.

You can also purchase an item more than once per purchase at the top right corner of the screen then search for the little tag icon saying buy X1.
You can simply tap it that will turn into a 10x multiplier.
Tapping again and again will turn into a 100x multiplier.
In addition, you can use this to make a bunch amounts of quick purchases, especially when you are going after the bonus multipliers.


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