How to Do Combo Attacks and Upgrade Wrestlers in WWE Immortals iPhone

Playing in WWE Immortals will bring you in a world similar to Mortal Kombat’s NetherRealm, where you will meet popular WWE fighters and the villains which are transformed into semi-supernatural superheroes along with their fantastical moves.

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After collecting the pack consisting of some of your favorite wrestlers, you will then be brought to encounter in the battle with opponents

When fighting against the villains, it will be highly recommend to perform your defense first, with offense fitting in as you can.

Then, you can either deliver a light or a heavy combo, that you can do by tapping and swiping your wrestler.

Before performing the combo attack, it will be better to block until you get a good opening to attack.
Once getting a chance, you can then unleash one of your combos.
If you can act in a quick time in the opening, you will get your combo attack smoothly hit the villain
But, if you take too long to attack you might end up getting hit by your villain first.

Performing the light combo will do less overall damage even when you hit the swipe
But, the swipe will be very difficult to hit in time.
In line with this, you can concentrate on the heavy combo toward the opponent.
You can try to play Trish Stratus who is a fast attacker but The Big Show is a slow attacker.

Anyway, you are nor going to do a cheat to get your energy back
Thus, you must purchase cards in order to have more rare fighters.
Then, you can level them up fast by including one new card at a time in the battles, along with your regular high-level cards, so that they will do a majority of the fighting against opponents.
If you have more fighters in this game, just save up for silver and gold character cards because they will be the most powerful that you can use in tough battle.

In the battle, you should use your special attacks as often as possible.
Anyway, there is no point in saving them unless you are one or two strong or weak punches away from a knockout
For such reasons, you have to use your special combos immediately when the next fighter gets tagged in but only after blocking their initial attack, as the AI almost always attacks after a tag-in in this game

After having tough battle, make sure to upgrade your wrestlers wisely.
You can also level up your fighters through some battles with enemies then you have to upgrade them with the coins.
Also, you can try leveling up the special attacks, as well as purchasing gear cards.
These gear cards will apply a boost to the base stats of specific fighters, and they grow every time that your warrior levels up.


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