How to Do and Unlock More Prestige Ability in Tap Titans iPhone

Tap Titans seems to be the most popular tapping game on mobile platforms
What makes this game unique is this one is mixed with a nice little RPG style.

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The previous posts related to this game had described of how to get more diamonds and how to get more relics and artifacts to move on the next level

Beside gems, artifacts and relics, you will now have to get more unique parts which is the ability to prestige that allows you to keep your artifacts and relics, while starting the game over.

Once reaching the level 80 boss, you can unlock the ability to get artifacts and relics.
Artifacts here are pieces of equipment that you can equip for big stat boosts
And, relics in this game are the special currency that you can use to purchase artifacts.
Thus, do not prestige until you reach level 80 boss, as the whole point of prestige will get you to collect more relics to purchase more artifacts.

After beating 600 bosses your level will be 600 which will get you to upgrade your tapping power all the way up to 600 as well.
Here, you must do this circumstance in order to unlock the Prestige ability.

Once you reach that level, your prestige will pop up at the bottom of your tap upgrade menu, which is underneath Midas Touch and all of the other unlockable skills.
Anyway, you will not need gold coins to unlock the prestige ability and you can do it no matter how much your gold in your inventory.

Furthermore, if you do more prestige, you will get more artifacts and relics for that matter
As a result, you will also get bigger and crazier damage boosts and gold boosts that you can have along the game

In related to this prestige, when you finally do prestige, your relics gained will be based on how many team members you have unlocked in the DPS column.
At this point, if you have unlocked more prestige, you will also get more relics, including a big bonus that you can unlock every possible team member before doing a prestige

The next big thing is to upgrade your own tapping power as this will affect how many relics you will get when you do a prestige.
If you can do it right away you can then earn two relics
But, if you wait to fill all of the qualifications you will earn more relics.

In line with this, make sure to wait for any longer when you have more artifacts and relics under your belt
It is caused by if you have equipped more artifacts, it will be shorter to take for level 600 to come the next time that you start over.

During in the prestige activity, you can purchase the Make it Rain power up with the diamonds that will allow you to get the max amount of gold
Also, you can purchase the most strategic time as this will get you to get quick boosts to speed the progress for even more.


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