How to Combine Elements to Breed Bosses in Dragon Mania Legends iPhone

Dragon Mania Legends has been a phenomenon on ios and android platforms
This game is the multi platform sequel to Dragon Mania, which give you a lot of dragons that you can breed and earn.

dragon mania legends combinations elements ipad

As you can see, this game features currencies gold coins and gems that you will need to upgrade your dragon and purchase some advanced items

Later on, you will have battles that you can fight, where you can get involved in fighting against the extremely tough Boss Dragons, which can seem very tough to gain.
In line with this, you can try to get the boss dragons to go to the next level

When you are in the single player battles, you will battle with a Boss Dragon.
All you will have to do in this time, you have to beat one of them, so you will not be able to breed or buy it in the stores.
If you can beat a dragon, that dragon will not attack you anymore and it will be willing to join you which you can find it in the store.

Anyway, you will not be able to use them in battle
But, for each one that you have around, they will increase your coins of all of the other dragons.
Here, they will roam free, then you can also purchase the Boss Habitat if you are a big baller
With this this habitat, you can give the Boss Dragons a private shelter.

In accordance with this boss dragon, you can try to breed breed the Boss Dragons, at least breeding one of them.
And, if you wan tot get boss dragons in a quick time, you can purchase them in the store, that you can do with gems
Alternatively, you can also try breeding your own boss dragons with these following breeding combinations

Combining Wind and Water will result Mr. Popsicle
Atlas is resulted from Earth, Water, Energy
La Fontaine can be produced with the combination of Fire, Water, Energy
You can have Crankster by combining Metal, Wind, Energy
Brickon is from Energy with Rock
Gasper is produced from Wind, Void, Metal

The Oddest can be got from Water and Plant
You can have The Sludge by combining Void, Energy and Water
Venomina is combined from Plant, Fire, Energy
Triad is resulted from Rock, Metal, Plant
Thunder Wolf can be combined from Energy and Metal
Korloth can be resulted from Fire, Energy, Void

Those are the breeding combination to get boss dragons that you can try to apply and use along the game
So, if you want to experiment with certain elements, you can try applying your own combination to bear boss dragon that you can add to your collection in the habitat


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