How to Collect Ultimate Digimoney in Digimon Heroes! iPhone

Bandai Namco is back to the ios and android platforms along with their newest game which is in the name of Digimon Heroes! in that it is an exciting and free-to-play Card Battle Adventure featuring an all star cast of more than 1,000 of your favorite Digimon heroes

digimon heroes walkthrough ios android

Along with this game, it will feature a unique match-3 battle system which will make your card battles simple to learn and powerful to deliver devastatingly to the enemies on the board
Fuse, evolve, and !

Along the game, all you will do is to gather up all Digimon, build your teams by fusing and evolving your digimon, fight your Digimon, then chain together massive combos to destroy your enemies all over the Digital World of File Island.

Throughout the game, you will also be tasked to complete the missions giving you digimoney as rewards
Thus, just try to knock out the daily missions first, since they will reset once the day is over then complete regular missions for greater rewards

Besides, you will also be allowed to grab free gift by logging in the game at least once daily
Sometimes, you may get digimoney inside the daily free gift
So, try to keep logging in at least once every day to grab a lot of digimoney

On the other side, you can also get digimon`s eggs that you can get by collecting friend points
To get friend points, you can add a random player as a friend, which you can take to play with you
By having these eggs, you can get a chance to have some cool digimon.

Meanwhile, you will also get a chance to get rare digimon or exclusive one by participating in the event levels

So, just check that event by tapping the “Event” button next to the level select row.
There, you will deal with tough team, so be sure your team is prepared for a battle
Anyway, if you can beat an event level, you will get an SP Ticket as reward which you can use to get special digimon eggs.
These special digimon eggs will give you a super rare digimon for your collection

In accordance with this, if you want to get more a specific digimon or capacitors to evolve one of your favorites ones, just check out the drop info button.
Once doing so, you can then pick a zone and tap the button to figure out what kind of digimon will pop up in the current zone.

At this point, you can also get some valuable items which you can do by replaying earlier levels.
Note that the most zones will only carry one type of digimon
According to this, if you pick the very first zone, it will usually give you dragon-type digimon


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