How to Collect Three Stars in Living Legends iPhone

Living Legends from the San Diego Zoo is made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the zoo and it come to apple store or every one to play it on the go

living legends wallkthrough ios android

Here, you will merely use swiping action to cut the rope that the food is hanging from
In the mean time, you will also have to gather up some various pieces of nob-glowing food which will give you stars
Also, you should collect photos, that can give you the backstory on various famous animals from there.

Your main objective here is to get three stars to go to the next level.
For such reasons, you must overcome unique obstacles on the levels

You will have to deal with the large stones that hang from vines in the Lion levels.
To solve it, you must cut ropes in the right order at the right timing, then get the stars and complete the level.

As said earlier, you will have to get a specific number of stars to unlock levels from a new animal.
You can get those stars by replaying older levels that you have beaten before
After getting three stars in one old, just leave and switch to a newer level.

The new set of levels may have a photograph next to the level number where you can find one of the famous animals of the zoo.
There, you will see pictures and their back story.
In line with this, you must get the food into the animal’s mouth after collecting the photo
Anyway, you do not need to get any extra food to win with the photo you collected from the game.


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