How to Collect Three Stars and Free Hearts in Hero Pop iPhone

After getting Hero Pop from Chillingo reviewed in the previous post, it is the time to guide you to control some cutesy heroes and help them rescue their friends from pirates in the game

hero pop strategy guides iphone android

Besides helping their friends from pirates, you will also have to get three star levels and improve your game and get better ratings as well

Along the game, you should always check out all the balloons that you have available both to the left and the right side of your display.
If you find none of those balloons actually works for you, you can simply tap the one you think the most useless and it will be popped out.

In most levels in this game, they are made in such a way to scrape through and get the three star ratings.
Here, you should look at the placement of all the balloons and strategize a bit
Also, you can try focusing on a single side, and remove as many balloons at the base as possible so that you can complete your level easily.

Once playing this game for a while, you will make super balloons in which when meeting them on many occasions they prevent you from completing a level
To deal with this, you can try to create matches with them when they are useful.
Also, it will be better to learn what each one help you in matching 5 or more of the same color

The Green Balloon can make a green fog popping some balloons above
The Red Balloon makes a lightning bolt blast nearby red balloons in random
The Purple Balloon will make a “black hole” swallowing all the surrounding balloons
The Yellow Balloon can create stars attaching to balloons and pop them randomly

As you can see from above lives, some of these super balloons can mess up your plans, so be sure to use them when they are useful only

Making matches at the top, as close as possible to the pirate ship will create brand new matches and help you with the requirements of the level.

On the other side, you can also use two free pops that you will get every couple of hours, then use them in the mini-game on the levels screen to get free Doublons, hearts or power-ups.
So make sure you always log in to use the free pops

And, in the way of getting more hearts for free, all you will have to do is to connect the game with your Facebook account, then add your friends to the game
After having more friends, you can request and receive free hearts from them, in which these hearts will allow you to keep playing and going through some levels.

In addition, you will get some power-ups which will be pretty useful, in that you should know exactly what it will help you rather than make things more complicated when matching that balloons


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