How to Collect Star Points in Attack the Light Steven Universe iPhone

Attack the Light Steven Universe Light RPG can be categorized into a role playing game that is developed by Cartoon Network, where you will take a role as Steven Universe and his guardians, called the Gems, that will help you fight against a malevolent light based villains.

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So, just team up as Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven to stop a powerful Gem weapon in this game
In this game, all you will do is to tap the screen at the appropriate visual cue to make the Gems deliver an extra attack on enemies.
At the same time, you can try sneaking in that extra hit that makes battles a lot shorter and it will also let the Gems slip through with less damage during the battle.

And, you can try to block enemy attacks by tapping the screen when you receive the right cue.
Anyway, not every attack can be blocked, and some of them will need a different mode of defense where you can try tapping the screen repeatedly

On the other side, you can also use items like Star Fruits which are really important, as they can help you to beat enemies and complete a fight quickly.
You can get these items lying around in each area.

Once completing each battle, you will earn star points
At this point, some unused star points will carry over into your next turn.
For further, you can also save your energy for more powerful attacks.
Here, pearl`s normal attack will take only one star point and she has some very useful skills that take multiple stars to execute.

When exploring each area, be sure to take a look around while looking for glittering spots on the ground that you have to tap them for items.

Besides, you must also look very carefully for hidden passages
At this phase, it will be better to keep a very close eye for shimmering, diamond like points of light that will direct you to the beaten path.

Moreover, you can also use garnet`s shield breaker that will be very handy as this is one of the most useful skills in the game.
Using this skill can drop an enemy’s defenses, so that you can beat enemy`s bosses at ease.

For further, you will meet some bosses that you have to beat for more items and more star points
In line with this, it will highly be recommended to save your single-use buff and debuff items for boss fights
When going for boss battles, be sure to use items like wristbands, helmets, etc that can temporarily boost the Gems’ power and defense.

Meanwhile, when exploring each area, be sure to explore it in detail and sometimes you will have to find out a necessary key item in that area.

After going through some areas and battles, you should now upgrade Steven’s encouragement skill as this skill will often be handy to beat tough enemies


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