How to Collect Star Gems in Fashion Story Arena Fierce iPhone

After launching a matching game called Bubble Mania Valentine`s Day few days ago, TeamLava Games will now allow you to run your own boutique that you can do from ordering and stocking items, keeping the customers happy then collecting gems to expand your boutique

fashion story arena fierce walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you have to order your items then purchase counters or racks to display them that you have ordered for your customers.
Here, counters will allow you to display accessory items
And, racks will allow you to display clothing items.
Once they are ready on a counter or rack, they will be available to your customers automatically as they visit your boutique.

Along the game, you must try to keep your customers happy by having enough items in your boutique to sell and enough mirrors and dressing rooms for them to try out their items.

At this point, mirrors are important for your customers to try out accessory items
Besides, dressing rooms are needed for customers to try out clothing items.
Be sure to have a lot of items and plenty of mirrors and dressing rooms for potential customers
In line with this, if there are no items to purchase in your boutique or not enough places for them to try out their item, they will then be frustrated and leave your boutique.
Later on, some happy customers will usually attract even more customers to come to your boutique

As usual this game will give bonus experience and more coins that you can do by promoting another player’s selection while you are visiting their boutique
Furthermore, with experience and coins, your Star Rating will reach to maximum level.

In related to Your Star Rating, it is displayed at the bottom of the boutique you are visiting and it can range from 0 stars to a full 4 stars.

If you get higher Star Rating, your level will appear at the top of the Community list.
Anyway, you can only promote an item in a Community member’s boutique 3 times daily
So, if you want to get a 4 Star Rating you will have to help several Community members or Neighbors more often.

On the other side, you can also promote your friend`s items 6 times daily instead of 3 and send them gifts.
In order to give a Gift to your friend, you must first add them as a Neighbor
Afterward, you can then send a Gift either directly through the Neighbors page by tapping the Gift button next to their name or by visiting a Neighbor’s Boutique and tapping the Gift icon on the right side of the screen.

In the way of getting some items, just tap Design in the home screen then select the last tab to find and purchase the Magic Box.

Except coins, you will be assigned to gather up more gems to purchase some cool items in this game
To get more Gems, just tap the Add button next to the Gems icon at the top of the screen.
After tapping it, you can select from several Gem offers available for purchase.

In addition, you can also get extra coins or gems that you can do by selling unwanted items in your boutique
To sell an item in your boutique, open the Design menu then tap on the item you want to sell.
See three icons in the right side of the screen that will tell you the price tag icon marked as Sell in which you will be allowed to sell items from your Boutique for a small percentage of the initial cost of that item.
When being in the process to selling the items, all decisions to sell items are final and that sold items cannot be recovered afterward.


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