How to Collect Rare Cards in Dragon Ace Android

Magic Box Asia has presented Dragon Ace for android and ios users
This game is a kind of a fast-moving online multiplayer card game along with real-time combat, where you will be served with a bunch of anime-styled monster and character cards to gather up.

dragon ace full house walkthrough ios android

In line with this, the game is set in a mystical world where the fundamentals of traditional card games mesh with the interactive combat of fighting games, that will bring forth the ultimate action filled strategical arena.
Here, you will have to team up to battle in dungeons and hunt for monster cards.

On the other side, with this real-time combat system, you can join friends to fight alongside with you regardless of their location.

At this point, you will also have to rank up your cards by taking part in the Colosseum in which this is a 5 versus 5 battle arena where your team must work together to beat the opposing team.
If you can win this, you can collect rare special rewards including more that 1000 monster cards along with 200 skill types

To collect the cards, you will also be able to catch all hostile monsters in dungeons then you can convert them into cards for you to summon, including boss monsters
Also, you are able to gather up special cards from special dungeons, that you can use to enhance and evolve the other cards

Furthermore, you have to strengthen your cards to its fullest potential that you can do by going through the evolution system

Later on, you will also have to unlock the true potential of your cards by leveling and evolving them whereby evolving a card will increase its strength by another fold
Moreover, it also gives a visual upgrade, that will give cooler looking cards
Also, you can increase the skill level of your cards that will come to its potency when you use SP Skills in battle.

Then, each cards here will be equipped with a number of skills and you can create your own decks based on your play style by prioritizing different types of skills, such as an offense, defense, or a support-focused deck.

When you and your friends are playing this game in the same time, you can also create synergized decks by having cards that are able to combine with each other, so that it will boost their attack strength and skill effectiveness.

The monsters in this game will get progressively stronger as you level up and advance to the higher level dungeons

In addition, before battling the monsters in the lowest level dungeon and moving on to harder dungeons, be sure to convert these monsters into Cards and use them to Strengthen your deck first.
Thus, you have to win the competition to earn some rare cards that you can add to your deck


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