How to Collect Rapid Crown in Power Princess Prince in Distress Android

Beemoov will bring you in fairy tale where you will have to save the princess from ferocious enemies, the wicked witch who has caught him

power princess in distress walkthrough ios android

The story begins when the wicked witch Cramoisia captures the Prince Philippe-Jean, who is the beautiful Princess Pastel

In line with this, a platform game takes place in a colorful and humoristic world, where danger is lurking around every corner

In a glance, she leaves for an exciting adventure to save her captured love that is caused by the wicked witch

You have the main goal that is to discover Power Princess
Now, it this the time, you have to hunt that witch and try to beat them, by using your hair attack or jumping on them

To play this game, you can perform double jump with this bonus
Meanwhile, you will get help from Yolky who will save you if you fall in a hole

On the other side, you will also be assigned to gather up the 100 diamonds in each level so that you can use them to get a star, and an extra Crown.
Once going through some missions, you will be given with bonus to access to a second attack meter.

Thuse, get your self ready to deal with menacing carnivorous plants in the enchanted forest, giant spiders in the obscure woods, mutant rats on pirate ships and many more creatures

In addition, you have to release your friends and get new powers which will allow you to vanquish any monster standing in your way

This game will feature heart and rapid crown that you will gather them up throughout the game
In order to get those things, you have to accomplish each given missions

Every time, you have successfully completed each mission, you will be rewarded with gems and crown that you will need along the game


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