How to Collect Mythril Gems Pouch in Final Fantasy Record Keeper iPhone

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a game that had been developed by DeNa for a long time has now come to mobile platforms, ios and android

final fantasy record keeper walkthrough ios android

In the first launch of this game, it comes along with improved characters.
You will select your heroes then fight battles and gain levels
In the mean time, to expedite this, you should take characters to their native realms.

As an illustration, you can try using Cloud in the FFVII realm, and Tidus in the FFX realm.
Some heroes of characters used in their native realms will get double experience points.

Before going to the battlefield, you must equip your characters with weapons and other equipment from their native realms so that they can also get additional bonuses.

In line with this, you must enhance your weapons and equipment by sacrificing unused equipment to power up your rarer equipment, or by combining two identical pieces of equipment to increase their rarity level and base stats.
At this point, you will need at least two stars.

In related to the battle system, this game takes auto battling system
Sometimes, it works awesomely, but none of your limit breaks, magic or abilities will ever be put to use.
During in automatic battle, you will have to use them that you should take the game out of auto.
Going for auto battle will be effective with all physical attack-based characters.
Also, white and black mages, and other magic users will generally suck at auto-battling because of their low physical attack power and reliance on magic.

This game also serves some different elementals, in which you must use your best guesswork to figure out enemy weaknesses before starting to attack them.

On the other side, always consider to counter any fire enemy with water and ice attacks, any metal enemy with lightning, or any light enemy with mist or pearl in its name, or something similar, with dark attacks.
Always make an experiment with that elementals so that you can find out what spells are most effective against what enemies.

As usual, this game will feature gems and mythril as the two premium currencies that will have a specific function in the game

You can gather ups mythril by defeating some dungeons in the battlefield
And, if you have high scores in each dungeon, you will have more chance to win Mythril
But, it will only happen if it is your first time playing said dungeon
Or, if it is an event dungeon that is specific to Mythril.

On the other side, you will only get gems through a purchase in the in-app purchase store
Additionally, if you can complete each missions, you may be rewarded with gems as a bonus


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