How to Collect More Star Coins in CatHotel iPhone

Tivola has launched CatHotel Publishing as the virtual-pet simulator for the iOS and Android platforms which will get you to take charge of the car and feeding of cats

cathotel walkthrough ios android

Here, you will also take a role as the veterinarian when your cats are sick, where you will have to take care of them and administer medicine to heal them.

Along the game, you must often check what your cat needs with the stethoscope
Besides, you can do it by looking at the blackboard on the wall behind your cat in which it will show either a green, yellow bar, or no bar to show you whether your cat needs sleep, playtime, cleaning, or medical care.

Every time, you do that activities, your cat will need energy, so that you must restore a cat’s energy with food and water.

Coins here will take a role as the premium currency of this game
Generally, if you can complete certain task you will be rewarded with such currency

With all coins you have collected from the game, you can purchase different things in the store
Before purchasing them, always look at the description to figure out if they are useful for your cat
If it is not useful, if will say that You can furnish your hotel to your tastes with this great decorative item.
And, if it is useful item, it will say what the use of that item is for your cat.

Again, to use your coins, just tap the stars in the top middle of the screen to purchase more hotel stars.

Every hotel star here will help you have more cats in your hotel.
Moreover, every single star added to your hotel, you will be able to unlock more items that you can afford in the store.


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