How to Collect More Rubies Cards in Pocket Mine 2 Android

Roofdog Games along with Pocket Mine 2 will take you to go on a mining adventure where you simply tap the blocks to dig deep to gather up collect gold, silver, coral, also some rare artifacts or treasure chest

pocket mine 2 walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will also have to find epic loot, equip powerful gear, get formidable cards, unlock treasure chests, craft awesome goodies, thesaurus adjective synonyms, collect and trade rare artifacts that you can exchange for ruby or money which are the currencies of this game

To play this game, you merely tap where is the block which you want to dig and your character will move to that place and dig it for you.
In the mean time, you will also have to find a forbidden block that you cannot dig with the regular pick.

In line with this, you can use power ups such as power strength that you can use to destroy the stone blocks and to destroy the forbidden block
Besides, using dynamitea and granatte can destroy several blocks directly
Using healing block will give you one more move, etc.
So the main point is those power ups will help you play the game at ease.

As usual, this game will feature ruby and money as the main currencies
You can use ruby to purchase cards or to continue mode after game over.
Money is used to upgrade your pick.

In line with this ruby, you can collect them from free offers such as watching ads videos from the developer
Or, you can purchase ruby via IAP options.
Sometimes you can get some rubies from the treasure chest.

On the other side, you can collect money from the game that you can do by digging the gems blocks.
Every time you play in each stage, you will use 1 energy and you will be given with 5 energies in total and they will be recharged for several minutes.
And, once you have leveled up, your energy will be refilled automatically

At the beginning of the game, you have 3 random cards that you can use to give some power ups during a gameplay.
Later on, you will also gather up some rare or legend cards.
Meanwhile, if you do not like the cards you can test your luck by shuffling them with 5 bucks.
You can also choose 3 cards to use and avoid shuffling cards
Also, you can fuse your duplicate cards to make them more powerful

Furthermore, every time playing this game, you will usually have one objective that you have to complete for a key which you can use to open the treasure chest or another interesting prize.
It will be highly recommended to win some keys with bonus missions

Anyway, you will only have limited moves of pick in this game.
For further, you can upgrade it if you want more movements and you can repair your pick in order to continue digging.
You should also upgrade your pick to get more hits and dig deeper
Sometimes, you will have to dig the ground as deep as possible, in which you will need to collect some treasures, as much as you can.

In addition, every island in this game has its own default loadout in that you can then customize each custom loadout.
And, you can purchase customizable loadouts for having more power

Moreover, you can choose what gear the character should wear
In accordance with this, you can check out your gear and see how well that gear will fit your character that will give different look in this game


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