How to Collect More Rubies and Gold in Arcanox Cards vs Castles Android

Juhu Games will take you to gather up and upgrade over 300 minion and spell cards that you can realize by playing in Arcanox Cards vs Castles, an online multiplayer game.

arcanox walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be able to develop your ultimate unique deck and strategy where you can raid castles form the others and get their gold and pride.

Your main goal here is to build, upgrade and expand your mighty castle.
In order to protect your castle, you must defend it with dragons, cannons and barricades, while placing some devious traps around your castle.

Here, your best strategy will bring you to your victory in which you must also unlock every new minion, spell, enchantment, trap and defender.
Thus, you can defeat the castles of other players and become a legend in this game.

In this game, your workers will repair everything automatically after going through an attack.
Your castle will have a magical heart, that must be upgraded to unlock more and new rooms.
And, your castle will also grow with every upgrade of the castle heart.

As usual, this game will feature gold and rubies as the main currencies that you can get throughout the game

In order to get more gold, you can complete every quest and you can get more gold by taking over the others castle, especially the ones that have been abandoned by their owner for long time
Producing gold in this game is pretty simple as you will merely build a vault to store the gold

Besides, you will also be able to get more rubies in achievements for successful attacks and defense you have applied in your castle.

In order to get more cards in this game, you will get them from achievements or you can buy them in your card shop.
In order to get a card for free, you can enter gift card code: 301abs
On the other side, you can unlock more difficult computer opponents with a perfect 3 star victory.

Anyway, Arcanox is a multiplayer online game, where you can only access your castle if you are online
And, when the other players visit your castle, they will see how it looks like
Also, you can play this game with the same account on multiple devices


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