How to Collect More Golden Apple in Fruit Land iPhone

Pacific Enterprises Asia Limited has brought Fruit Land juicy match3 adventure game on the apple store where you will be taken to go to a colorful journey as you travel though the various fruit kingdoms
Anyway, this game is launched on android platform as well

fruit land walkthrough ios android

During the game, you will have to try making the superfruits, in which you can make them by combining fruit in certain manners.
With this superfruits, you will be helped in reaching your goal faster

Once getting superfruits, you can utilize them to get to your objectives faster, and think outside the box
In the mean time, you should see a worm that has no readily available matches nearby
If you see them there, you can try to hit it with a sliced fruit

You can also make Sliced Fruit by matching 4 fruit.
When sliced fruits are matched, they will then slice up their entire row or column.

In order to make Fruitbomb, you can try to match fruit in a “L” or “T” pattern in that these fruit will explode and match all the surrounding fruit.

To make colorfruit, you can match 5 fruit in which they will look like wheels with different colors on them.

When you move these onto any type of fruit, they will cause all fruit of that type on the board to be instantly matched on the screen.

On the other side, you can try to use as few moves as possible, whereby utilizing the delicious destructive power of superfruits will help you cut down on move usage.

Doing this is necessary as when trying to get rid of all the worms, a random fruit on the board will be turned into a fruitbomb.

In line with this, you can try to make the formation of a fruitbomb alone that is worth 1,000 points, not counting the additional bonus from the detonation afterwards
At this point, the finishing bonus will be a key to get 3 stars on a level.
Then, once making progresses through different worlds, the finishing bonus will change.

This game will also offer you daily bonus that you can do by playing this game every day
This daily bonus will get you to spin a flower wheel once for free every day for a booster, which can normally only be got by buying golden apples.

Furthermore, you should plan your your moves so that you will have no time limit
But, you do have a move limit to make your moves count.


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