How to Collect More Gold in The Last Vikings iPhone

Springloaded has just launched The Last Vikings on the the App Store and this game is made with a pretty unique concept suitable for mobile platforms.

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In this game, you will be brought to have an adventure sailing dangerous seas to pillage villages and bring glory to the Viking people

To do this, you will also have to train your army, make boats, recruit special heroes and equip powerful weapons to battle with the onslaught of attacks and mythical creatures.

Early on the game, you will have to scroll to get to a specific area of the game
Here, you will simply scroll left and right to go to the different unlocked areas
There, you can be looted by other players and you can build storage space for your resources to keep them away safe from invaders.

Besides, you can also tap the barely-visible plus sign in the upper right corner
At that points, you can access to all areas that you could scroll to.
Moreover, you will get a sign in the upper left corner telling you a new upgrade option or resources to build or upgrade your boat

Before going to the battle, you can tap the manage button on the screen and upgrade your troops.
Be sure to upgrade your resources first
Later on, you can also share the resources with the boat upgrades

And, you must upgrade the extra troops, then keep a balance between an upgraded boat and upgrading the land battle attack, with a focus on the latter
Upgrading the boat will be important to destroying the barrier

In order to get more loot in the game, you will simply watch the ads in the menu, saying Free Loot!
At this point, you can then watch ads to get free loot and all sort of resources, such as nails

You will get more resources in form of gold by completing a land or a water attack.
Once you have destroyed a barrier, you can go there to grab the loot
Thus, just focus on the same mission to get everything you need

And, you can get nails through land battles
With loot, you can hire extra troops in the town by tapping the Weapons and Heroes icon, then look on the right side of the screen to access three icons.
Just tap the middle one to recruit extra warriors for 50 gold a piece.

When having your adventure on sea, make sure to watch out for incoming shots fired at you or predators
If you are dealing with the, just shoot at them to destroy them
Meanwhile, you can try to row as fast as possible forward to get to the next place you want to visit and attack there.

On the other side, playing in mini game will give your character to get experience, based on the distance you travel.
At the first mission, you will simply row all the way to the final mission that you have unlocked to get a bunch of experience.

In the mean time, you must make sure to refill your shots when they are low then you can even turn the auto fire on keeping the shots and focus on the minigame for the XP points

Each time you gather up some weapons of the same type, you can upgrade them.
To do this, just tap on them in the Weapons and Heroes menu and invest coins to upgrade them
Just go with the maximum setting to avoid losing your weapon in the case of a failed forge attempt.

Furthermore, you must try to rule the land battles with some upgrades and a bit of skill
In accordance with this, you can start with the battle minigame for the first power-up
Also, you should have new warriors when their bar is glued next to another.
Doing this will also allow you to get the next power-up


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