How to Collect More Gold in Cops and Robbers iPhone

Cops and Robbers! from BoomBit can be categorized into a new endless chase game which is specially designed for the iOS and Android platforms.

cops and robbers walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to collect as much gold as possible while running from the police.
With all collected gold, you can use them to get all kinds of different power-ups to shake the cops

o play this game, just tap the left button to turn your hero to his or her left
In the mean time, you can then tap the right button to turn your character to his or her right.

And, you may find that some characters can turn more quickly than the others.
At this point, you can use a quick-turning character and do short taps when you want to make little turns.

As said earlier, your main objective is to collect in-game gold while running
In the way of collecting more gold, just go to the title screen and tap the store or settings buttons to access the option to watch an ad video which will grant you 20 free gold for a video you have watched there.

Later on, if you want to get more gold, just watch the advertisement videos which will often come up again after fifteen minutes or so

Here, you can also play online with your friends in multiplayer mode
In this mode, you will compete with someone else remotely to get prizes in form of gold.

Except collecting gold, you will also have to gather up the power-ups when seeing them there
Using the cop hat will disguise you as a cop so that the cops will not knock you out of the round by running into you.

You will also use the gun which will scare everybody off, including both the cops and the other thieves.
Using the clock will make everyone slow down except for you, so that you can run through the round at ease

Along the game, you will also have to utilize all sides of the level
In accordance with this, you can use the ability to run off of one side of the level and pop back up on the other side of the level.
Using this ability will help you escape from them when you are cornered on the board.


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