How to Collect More Gold for VIP Points in Battle Copters iPhone

Chillingo has presented Battle Copters as a new helicopter dogfighting game that you can play on mobile platforms, ios and android devices

battle copters walkthrough ios android

The main point to play this game is to shoot at other helicopters as much as possible, while avoiding getting shot by your opponents.

Each time, you can complete a level and beat all enemies there, you will be granted with gold, the premium currency of this game

With enough gold you have collected from the stages, you can use it to purchase some upgrades used for your chopper
These upgrades will really be useful to power up your copters so that they can deliver even more damage toward enemies copters.

Completing missions here will reward you with two different awards which are the Ace award and the MVP award.
Ace will be rewarded to anyone with the most kills in a match.

You can get such kind of reward, ace by searching for the various bot copters and start shooting at them.
Since they have low armor, you can target them with the machine guns only

On the other side, MVP award will be rewarded to anyone with the most damage overall in a round
At this point, if you get a ton of kills stolen from you, you will still get extra silver for what you do in that round.

In line with this, you must find the player nearby or bot and start shooting at them.
Be sure to have higher level of your guns and missiles to beat enemies at ease and to get reward either ace or mvp

During the battle, always move around while finding copters nearby to shoot at
In the mean time, always remember not to get closer to your targets or to other players targeting you, as you can be easy target to get shot with guns.

For such reasons, try to strafe from side to side and change your elevation more often
At the same time, you can try to throw off your enemies’ guns and to break their attempts to lock onto your copter
Therefore, always move and firing to kill enemies on air

As said earlier, gold is the premium currency of this game
Each time, you can complete a mission, you will be rewarded with gold that will lead you to access vip points

Once getting enough gold, you can start doing some upgrades to your copters
Here, you can take your priority to upgrade the engine first since it will improve forward and reverse speed.

Upgrading rotor will improve elevation changes and doing wing upgrades will improve your turning.
Be sure to upgrade the gun and missile since they will be your main tools to take out enemies on the air

In accordance with these upgrades, be sure to upgrade everything to the same level, so that you can add something such as a second set of missiles to your copters


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