How to Collect More Gold Coins in EA Sports UFC iPhone

Electronic Arts has brought a lighter weight game wrapped in EA Sports UFC where you will be allowed to collect your favorite UFC fighters, get them involved in competitive combat in live events, and earn in-game rewards in form of gold coins.

ea sports ufc walkthrough ios android

Through in-game Live Events, you can play fight cards for upcoming UFC events and get some exclusive in-game rewards.
If you can play more, you can win bouts, unlock new opponents, earn coins, and level up abilities for your fighters and get three star ratings there

Early on this game, you must train your fighter to remain competitive in the game
Here, you must be smart to only use cards that give you a bonus to your fighter
At this point, you will get 6 times the experience then keep all the other cards for future skills and fighters that will use them and get an advantage.

In related to these skills you can then unlock all the upcoming skills that your fighter and make sure that you never spend those cards either.

On the other side, you will also need to train your fighter and pile up the coins to purchase extra card packs.
To train your fighters, you can try to use the Quick Fight option if you want some randomness
And, keep the coins coming so that you can upgrade your fighters to be the most powerful ones.

Besides, you must also learn and use each special move that will be handy in some situations.
You should know how each of the moves looks like and when to use it when dealing with opponents.

As an illustration, if you try the Power Uppercut while you are away from the opponent, you will still miss in that you simply need to get closer to your rival when going to use your skills.
And, you will have up to three special moves ready to be activated in each fight at any given time so knowing your moves and always select the best for the situation will be a must.

Remember to read your opponent’s body language, and watch put if he is about to hit you and dodge.
Therefore, you can easily go with a counter move and start a combo to beat him.
In the mean time, if you try to activate a special move while your rival is blocking, dodging or about to hit you, do not use your special move when being in that situation.
So, just wait then use your special moves when you are sure they will hit the target and cause maximum damage toward your opponent.

Sometimes, you should spend all your cards and instead go through the fights to earn coins
In line with this, even if you do not max out all events yet you can then come back to master them and get even more training cards.

After going through some matches, you will be rewarded with a bunch of gold coins that you can use to get the fighters packs
In the store, you will see a few special offers that give you a guaranteed fighter and 10 abilities for just 25,000 gold coins.

Every time, you have collected gold coins from beating your opponents, be sure to save money and spend on the major packs as you will get better results and guaranteed extra fighters to help you complete the live events that will offer some more rewards.



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