How to Collect More Gold and Gems in War of Thrones iPhone

In War of Thrones Dragons Knights Story & Kingdoms on Fire game is a kind of a city management game where you can summon your Dragon and defend your kingdoms to crush your enemies invading your land.

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Before doing so, you will be prompted to develop your city by building, as well as researching and training troops then joining an alliance.

After constructing your kingdom, the first duty is to conquer The mystical Great Dragon to join your forces.
At the same time, you must also build up your own kingdom while developing your city, training troops, and forming alliances.

Early on this game, follow the quests at the top section of the screen, as these quests will lead you down the general progression path and ensure that your city is kept upgraded.
So, always check what quest you have and start working towards it

In related to these quests, yo can do the timed quests by tapping on the quests button on the right sidebar, that will show you a list of quests.
You can see Kingdom Quest aside from your main storyline quest, in which this Kingdom Quest will come to Daily Quest, Alliance Quest, and VIP Quest.
At this point, the three categories aside from your Kingdom Quest are just timed things where you can accept and start one quest from each category
Later on, a certain amount of time has passed coming to a completion so that you can collect the rewards.

On the other side, yo must also make sure to keep your production buildings upgraded all the time
Here, your buildings will generate you resources over time, in which you must upgrade that buildings such as your Quarries, Farms, and Lumbermills, so that you will make the highest amount of resources.
Throughout the game, you will need a lot of resources in the long run to keep all your buildings upgraded, so always upgrade these buildings as your top priority

During in the construction of your kingdom, you can also collect your mystery reward that you can find in the golden chest at the bottom right corner of the screen.
In line with this, every 3 minutes or so, you can open this chest for free.
You will find a random gift in form of freebies, which range from resources to gold.

Anyway, joining or making an alliance will give yo an advantage as you can send resources to each other, as well as defending each others’ castles, and so forth.

Furthermore, once you level up, you will earn skill points that you can put into various skills.
In accordance with this, you will have an access to Building and Research skills, which speed up those respective times, but leveling up will unlock more skills.
Also, you will have a moderate amount of skill points to use, so just invest in some skills.

In addition, this game will feature gems and gold as the main currencies of this game
Generally, you can gather up those gold from your resources of your buildings
Plus, you will be able to get them by opening your mystery gift

However, gems here will be hard to collect in which you will be prompted to make a purchase through the iap store
Anyway, completing each objective or mission will reward your with certain amount of gems that you can use to purchase some coll stuff in this game


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