How to Collect More Gold and Gems in Infinity Dungeon iPhone

Infinity Dungeon is a kind of free to play absurdist rpg on ios and android where you will see character sheets, game rules, dungeon rooms, and a die roller to different than the others rpg on mobile

infinity dungeon walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will choose and play as the Postman, Real Estate Tycoon, and Space Marine then work with your friends to overcome the terrors and traps in this game

Later on, you will enter the Dungeon by touching the portal in front of the Dungeon entrance then you have to attack every time you meet the opponent on each stage.

When battling with them or in the boss battle, you need strong short distance lethal technique attack where you can use the striking power that doubles for a short period of time
Using Wizard’s attacking spells will be useful in battle fields when they are used appropriately

Here, every spell and lethal technique consumes MP, and if your HP is about to be zero in each stage, you will cast an escaping spell that will give you an exit from the dungeon.
And, if you get difficulty when conquering the Dungeon, you have to be stronger through Upgrades

If you use Swordsmans, they will be long distance lethal technique that pushes away the enemies!
You can also combine it with the short distance lethal technique

On the other side, this game will feature gold and gems as the main currencies that will help you in accomplishing your main goal

The dwarves will mine Gold and they will work until your Gold storage fills up fully
Moreover, they will be the ones who will get the remaining Gold mined for your hero

In order to get more gold in this game, you will have to beat the Boss in each floor, then a portal automatically opens, so that the Dwarves will arrange themselves to mine the Gold

To get more gems, you must kill an enemy with lethal technique or magic, in which you will be rewarded with the Gem form it


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