How to Collect More Gold and Gems in Anger of Stick 4 Reboot iPhone

Blue GNC has been launched its simple action game with silhouettes as the characters which are involved to have special abilities to fight against enemies along the game

anger of stick 4 reboot walkthrough ios android

At the beginning of the game, you will have to select items along with various abilities that will help you to battle with some incoming enemies standing in your way.
You can use some items that increases your attack or defense.
Instead, you should not purchase or draw an items if you are not currently at high level.
To get your items, you can get them through stages so you do not have to purchase them.

On the other side, you will be able to gather up some various colleagues consisting of 9 kinds of strong colleagues then you can then arrange the stage with the total 4 colleagues.

After choosing the items which are fit to your style, you can now get involved in Team Battle or Single Battle where you can level up your character through experiences or exp.

Playing in Single battle will give you more rewards compared to team battle at the same level
Auto Battle or Manual Battle?
You can also select auto battle as you do not need to attack manually or do combos toward enemies.
Also, you can interrupt auto battle or perform skills at anytime.

You can also reinforce your character by using Jam then go to explore more than 600 stages along with more than 200 kinds of enemies which are waiting your arrival

In each stage, you will usually meet bosses whereby you can try to use the various continuous functions including air combo.
To play this game more fun, you can take your friends through your Facebook accounts then fight against any enemies along the way.

On the other side, this game will features gold coins and gems as the main currencies that you will get along the game

In related to the gold coins, you will earn them every time you beat the opponents
Every time you defeat your enemies in the battlefield, you will be rewarded with some coins from them
In the way of collecting a bunch of gold coins, you can replay the old stage that you have beaten before
During in that stage, you will easily collect more coins as you have known the enemies abilities especially for the boss

Except coins, you must also gather up gems as the premium currency of this game
Usually, if you can accomplish each stage in this game, you will be also awarded with gems that you can use to purchase special items for your character

In addition, if you want to get gold and gems fast, you can purchase them in the iap store
Alternatively, if you want to enjoy playing this game without spending money, you can go for completing each stage that will give you more gold and gems for the completion of each stage



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