How to Collect More Gems in Tribal Rush Android

R2Games along with Tribal Rush designed specifically for android platform will bring you in a world of bandits and barbarians, where you have to protect your kingdom from them.

tribal rush walkthrough ios android

In the way of expanding your kingdom, you have to construct Build Mines, Mills, Towers, and Temples – and raise your walls high above the battlefield.

Also, you will have to train tribal troops such as Clubbers, Archers, then go to raid on your friends and foes.

Along the game, you should plan your defenses and set your Builders to beat greedy bandits, as they will stop at nothing to plunder your tribal treasure

In line with this, you have to set your sights beyond your village walls as well as collecting the rewards

You are the commander of savage warriors, wily wizards, and mighty monsters, then lead them to beat enemy players’ defenses for gold and glory
And, you have to capture their Tribal Hall to make them your Vassal, earning the tribute you richly deserve

This game takes gems as the premium currency where this will usually appear in-game immediately after purchase.

Here, battle results and rewards will be determined real-time to prevent cheating.
You will also need shields to protect you from PVP and you will get it when you are defeated in PVP or counter, or you may buy one from the Buffs tab under the Build panel.
It deactivates when time is up, or when you launch a PVP.
This PVP matchmaking works based on your Tribal Hall level and number of Crowns you have got.

Later on, you can join a warband where you must upgrade Tribal Hall to level 4 first then build a Meeting Hall.

For further, you will really need Oracles to liberate villages then upgrade Tribal Hall to L3 to build a Temple and unlock them.

During in battle, each units will have their targeting priorities, movement, and attack style.
So you will have to mix and match them well to master all battles

To win the battle, you can also make allies that yo can do by tapping Ally indicated in the gauntlets button at the lower-right of the main screen then Search tab to add allies.

In addition, every time you have completed each quest in this game you will be rewarded with gold that you can use to upgrade your buildings



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