How to Collect More Gems in Swords & Poker Adventure iPhone

Konami will assign you to beat monsters and other enemies by creating the best poker hands in Swords and Poker Adventure game, an addictive puzzle adventure masterpiece

swords and poker adventure walkthrough ios android

Later on, you will be brought to experience a deep combat system which is easy to pick up and fun.
Along the game, you will simply take turns against your opponents in making the best 5 card poker hand from a shared board of cards.
Here, you will also have an option to use epic weapons, shields, and magic needed to fight against the strongest of monsters and rescue the world from the Chaos realm.

In order to beat the enemies, all you will do is simply to manage the cards accordingly
Whether your card is a pair or a three of a kind, 2’s count just as much as aces.
So, you will have to look at the cards as pictures unless you are setting up for a straight
You can also try to match the same numbers because they all count the same.

Along the game, you will have to win levels while taking as little damage as possible.
The main point to play this game is to take less damage in order to play longer in the next stages.

Anyway, the most puzzle games will give you a clean slate when you enter a new level along with your current amount of health.
This health is extremely useful when you take a lot of damage in one level, in which you can use a health potion to enter the next fight.

In line with this health potions, they are few and far in between so they should be an absolute last resort.
You will really need this health potions when you deal with a quality monster in a stage.

Besides health potions, there is also the Pass option.
Furthermore, you will meet monsters which are tougher and the matches no longer can be finished in a handful of moves
For such reasons, you have to make Combo Matches so if you only have 1 move and it will get you 1 point while filling the board, it will be highly recommended to pass the turn.
Then, you will be able to control to the opponent so there is definite risk with the move which you will take.


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